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Digital Solutions Roadmap

Digital Deli Media, Technology and Communications solutions for competitive advantage in the global travel tourism market.

Our Travel Tourism Objectives:

  • Powerful Digital Presence / Get Found
  • Crystallize Compelling Reasons to Visit
  • Reinforce the Story of the Destination (image, video, audio, geo)
  • Drive Visitors To Your Destination

We Do This By:

  • Developing Comprehensive Strategy
  • Refining Target Audiences
  • Identifying Geo/Cultural Attributes
  • Developing Interpretive Media Assets
  • Establishing Analytic Capability (metrics)
  • Executing The Plan

We Keep Everything Working By:

  • Measuring Audience Engagement (analytics)
  • Adjusting to Capitalize on Trends / Events
  • Alerts to Keeping Content Fresh
  • Monitoring Digital Property Reputation

 Key to Success: well established Tools, Techniques, Technologies and Experience.

Innovation Toolbox

At the Digital Deli, we are digital creatives and systematic thinkers. Every destination is unique and deserves an opportunity have their own canvas handcrafted without limitation. Our toolbox is quite powerful and can place you on a world class stage.

Creating Your Own Gateway to Discovery

Our approach provides three levels of visitor engagement under one eco-system. This saves time and money by repurposing assets while creating a consistent high quality impression.

Anchor points leveraging their own mini or micro "Geo-Spatial Gateway Corridor" can:
  Attract More Visitors
  Create Bigger Wow Factor
  Derive Greater Economic Benefit

Irresistable Self Discovery

Digital Deli smARTCode™ technology is another way for destinations of any size to propel themselves into the 21st century with a rock solid solution that can be deployed from the Antarctic to the Sahara to promote self exploration through interactive engagement.

This might sound complex, but in less than 15 seconds a 6 year old got it and the knowledge transfer was irresistable. With no power requirement and a 35 year lifespan, this is quite unique and cost effective.

Steps to Success:
  • Target the Right Audience
  • Get Their Attention
  • Get Them to Your Location
  • Deliver an Exclusive Experience
  • Exceed Expectations
  • Invite Further Self Discovery
  • Create Geo & Cultural Synergy

The Results:
  • Balance Low, Medium & High Dollar Value Visitor Attraction
  • Monetize Unique Geo / Cultural Experience
  • Instill a Warm Sense of Place
  • Lasting and Memorable Impressions

The Technological Advantage:
  • One Code Base for Web, Mobile, Tablet, TV
  • Consistent High Quality Branded Content (audio, image, video, geospatial)
  • Repurpose content across all mediums (save money/time)
  • Visitor Center HD-TV Service
  • Always-On Secure Authenticated Access

Digital Deli provides Opens in new windowReactive Internet Multimedia which takes care of the first two, Digital Deli Studios mixed media lab takes care of the third and Opens in new windowGen-3 Cloud™ securely delivers content seamlessly.

Save Time and Money | Achieve Better Results

The Digital Deli has integrated all components needed under one roof - to save time, money and provide superior solutions. The other alternative is many different vendors, cross connecting technologies - typically at higher cost and less quality.

A Trusted Partner

Since 2009 we have leveraged a relationship with Google. They trust us because of the way we interact with their systems through our technology. That can be valuable when you want to rapidly publish information or fine tune a travel tourism marketing campaign.

Today, knowing how to harness Google's capabilities, is the difference between being found or not. Our job is to guide you along the right path, as your trusted partner.

SEO, Analytics & Programmatic

When it comes time to target an audience (new event), digital content can be published, submitted, indexed and found by potential visitors within minutes.

Programmatic advertising can then be used to enhance what is already in place. The process works well, is reliable, predictable and provides the best results at the least cost. This method works equally well for any size destination or event.

Exclusive Partner Programs for You

Opportunity comes quickly and you must seize that just as fast. To reach successive levels promoting a destination, we realize you may need specialized services, from time to time.

Our secure e-commerce platform can turn into a Fund My Next Big Project Registry.

Digital Preservation Partners ensure survival of artifacts, increase user experience and can derive recurring revenue - without holding physical inventory.

Community Enrichment Partner Programs are designed to provide direct monetary benefit for partner organizations. We do the heavy lifting, you enrich your community.

Tourism Corridors At Scale

Efficiency at scale can be obtained for larger geographic corridors. Gen-3 Elastic Cloud service can expand and contract, while allowing micro-sites to communicate intelligently, over the private regional network.

Advanced corridor level services could instantly find the closest available amenity desired (ie: room, restaurant, movie or next scenic or cultural discovery). This can greatly enhance corridor economic inflow in a manner that can be measured with a high degree of accuracy.

The use of digital assistants, location based services, geo-fencing, proximity, artificial intelligence, IoT and M2M services will grow into future corridors, just as they are in smart cities and factories around the world today.

The Future Now

Our recommendation is to start small, replicate best practices and grow. A connected corridor, of any size, will always have an advantage over it's analog counterpart. The Digital Deli Business Innovation Think Tank has a keen eye on the future digital economy of travel tourism and economic development.

Next Generation Always On Strategies


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