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Official domains, properties and brands leveraging the convergence of advanced technology, media and communications to deliver innovative digital solutions for harnessing the 21st century global digital information economy. Logo

Global Media and Communications

DigitalDeli.US is the base of operations and administration for the Digital Deli Family of domains, properties and brands.

The Digital Deli provides technical and creative solutions for harnessing the global digital information economy through our official domains.

Engage us when high level consulting for complex business critical solutions require a wide range of specialized services managed by a trusted vendor.

DigitalDeli.US operations and administration is in New York, USA (GMT -0500).

Operations and Administration
  • Digital Transformation | Strategies & Solutions
  • Digital Solutions | Web, Ecosystem, Content
  • Visual and Spatial Solutions | Media
  • Multimedia Publishing Network | ĐĐTV1
  • Cyber Intelligence | InfoSec
  • Think Tank | R&D ATI
  • Network Operations Control (NOC)
  • DevOps | Trusted Systems
  • Mixed Media Lab | Multimedia
  • Intellectual Property Management
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Digital Transformation ∴ B4B

Strategies and Solutions for organizations wishing to harness technological advances to improve efficiency, decision making, market share, customer satisfaction and profitability.

The Digital Deli B4B has assembled powerful tools, technologies and techniques to help organizations stake their claim in the global digital information economy.

  Digital Strategy: sets the course for a clear execution path to save time and money.

  Digital Pipeline: suite of advanced technologies to turn data into results.

  Digital Solutions: framework for harnessing the global digital information economy to reach targets and increase bottom lines.

  Digital Deli Studios: mixed media lab producing high quality media content.

  Think Tank: advanced technology integration research & development.

Digital Strategies & Solutions
  • smART Window Into Your World™
  • smART City Destinations™
  • Geospatial Gateway Corridors™
  • Select Properties UltraHD™
  • smART Media Visual Solutions™
  • smART Health Media™
  • Live Labels ∴ M2M™
  • smART Startup™
  • ĐĐ Innovation Partners
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iNet 4.0 Digital Ecosystem Solutions

Digital Deli Biz provides a fully integrated suite of services for organizations wishing to harness the global digital information economy. We provision custom turnkey solutions for micro sites to high volume e-commerce to smart city ecosystems.

The Digital Deli Pipeline provides seamless integration between design, provisioning and content creation. High security in a future ready infrastructure that renders perfectly on mobile, tablet, desktop and TV.

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  Opens in new windowContent Creation / Data Visualization

Security ∴ Performance ∴ Reliability
  • WebDev | Reactive Internet Multimedia
  • iShop | E-Commerce Core (ECC)™
  • Gen-3 Cloud™ | Advanced Cloud Services
  • Secure Authenticated Web Services
  • Cyber AI Security | InfoSec
  • iAuth+™ | Domain Certified Email
  • iRepX™ | Information Analytics
  • TLS+ | Always-On Encryption
  • dSaaS | Data Science as a Service
  • Media Production: image, video, audio, geo
  • Graphics, Typography, Layout, Design
  • Scripting, Copy writing, Editing, Narration
  • Search Engine Optimization & Analytics
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Visual and Spatial Solutions | Media

Digital Deli Archive™ is a managed ultra-high resolution image, video, audio and geospatial repository handcrafted by well seasoned operators using professional digital imaging equipment for unparalleled quality.

Digital Deli Fine Art Store provides secure e-commerce access to stunning rare, unique and authentic fine art photography with one of the largest selections of ready to hang Display Solutions on the web, to match any decor.

Digital Deli Studios™ provides multimedia design, development and production management for: Advertising • Marketing • Promotion • Public Awareness • Instructional • Educational • Interpretive • Visual Storytelling.

Commercial Media Solutions visual and spatial themes for: Interior Design • Advertising & Marketing • Events & Exhibits • Public Spaces • Performing Artists • Fashion Design • Healthcare.

Mixed Media Lab digital creative services include: Advanced Digital Imaging • Raw Image Post Processing • Nonlinear Video Editing • Cinema / Video Production • Multitrack Audio [edit, mix, master, transcode] • Script Writing • Storyboard Creation • Narration • Voice Over • Special Effects • Geospatial Visualization.

Rare, Unique and Authentic
Digital Deli Fine Art Store™
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Ready to Hang Display Solutions
  • Micro Edu-tainmet Multimedia
Commercial Media Solutions
  • Custom Interior Wall Art
  • Advertising & Marketing Media
  • Event & Exhibit Media
  • Art for Public Spaces
  • Health & Wellness Media
  • Multimedia Design & Development
Digital Display Media
  • Digital Kiosk
  • Signage Display
  • Fine Art Screen
Specialized Imaging
  • Digital Preservation
  • Archival Imaging
  • Fine Art Reproduction
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Multimedia Publishing Network

Digital Deli TV™ is an IP based content delivery network optimized to deliver low latency visual media content so crystal clear it is like looking out a glass window. Digital Deli provides seamless scheduled and on demand delivery for networked digital displays and private networks.

Regional Content and Edu-tainment Networks are hybrid video streaming services for live host driven and scheduled broadcast for educational and regional content channels. Available Q4-2019.

  Digital Deli TV One™ OTT-nSTB (over the top network set top box) allows any organization to have their own TV channel running up to 4K 60fps video 24/7-365 - even during a network outage. ĐĐ RED is preparing the new high security embedded OS with ĐĐ R&D. Available Q4-2019.

  Coming to a Screen Near You...

Digital Deli TV One™ | ĐĐTV1
  • Regional Content Network | ĐĐTV1-RCN
  • Edu-tainment Network | ĐĐTV1-ETN
  • Digital Deli Private Net™ | PBN∴B4B
  • Digital Deli Secure Net™ | sPBN∴B4B

  • Corporate • Government • Education Retail
  • Visitor Center • Hospitality • Restaurant
  • Retail • Finance • Transportation
  • Conference Center • Health & Wellness
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Cyber Intelligence

RED is the Digital Deli Family Cyber Security Research & Development operation. In 2018 our information security systems protected web, e-commerce, database and email systems from 2.7375 million cyber attacks. We protect our customer's intellectual property, their brands and reputation.

We want every organization to have a trusted digital footprint regardless of size or industry. The threat landscape has changed dramatically and requires specialized skill, experience and knowledge. In the digital economy Trust permits one to accumulate capital in the form of market share. Secure your future.

Core Digital Services Include
  • Cyber Security as a Service (cSaaS)
  • Cyber Vulnerability Assessment
  • Cyber Incident Response
  • Cyber Disaster Recovery
  • Cyber Forensic Analysis
  • Cryptographic Key Management
  • Compliance Readiness
  • Cyber Ed | Best Practices
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Business Innovation ∴ Think Tank | R&D

Digital Deli Think Tank conducts research and development on advanced technologies for integration into trusted computing environments to harness the global digital information economy.

  The Think Tank is a unique real world proving ground where digital strategy and technological advancement are turned from concept into products and services using the pillars of science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM).

  The Digital Deli Pipeline™ was conceived and built by the Digital Deli Business InnovationThink Tank (BITT)™ to provide seamless ICTS1 digital services vertically integrated for use across a wide range of industries and disciplines including: education • entertainment • health and wellness • energy • smART cities • geofenced sensor networks • location based services (LBS) • digital commerce • new forms of advertising, marketing and promotion.

  Security, privacy and a free and open Internet are bedrock foundations of our organization.

  Our Mission: design, develop and deploy technology solutions that will invigorate and breath new life into an ever growing and increasingly complex world filled with challenges. We hope our contributions will be just as important to advancing our world now as they will in 100, 200 or 300 years. We take the long view with our "contract for the web"2 and our Opens in new windowB-Corp Philosophy of enriching our world and proving it.

  Partners: With strategic partners, clients and like minded organizations we push the envelope of what is possible with a keen eye on the future. We look forward to working with you to accelerate that advancement.

(1) Information, Communications, Technology and Security (ICTS)
(2) Guiding principles of Opens in new windowa Contract for the Web   (external link)

Advanced Technology Integration
  • smARTCity Ecosystems | Terraforming
  • Cognitive Therapeutics | Health & Wellness
  • Adaptive Machine Learning | Cyber InfoSec
  • Spectral & Gravity Sensing | Geoinformatics
  • Raw Sensor Algorithms | Visual Transcoding
  • smARTVision AR™ | Visual Data Science
  • smART Grid AI | Energy Intelligence
  • smARTuv C4 Autonomous™ | OTA Fleet Mgmt
  • SuperApp GeoStar™ | AI for Travel Tourism Recreation
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