The Digital Deli Family  

The Digital Deli™ Family of domains, properties and brands leverage the convergence of advanced technology, media and communications to deliver innovative digital solutions for harnessing the 21st century global digital information economy.

Digital Deli    Operations & Administration

Global Media and Communications

DigitalDeli.US is the base of operations and administration for the Digital Deli Family of domains, properties and brands.

The Digital Deli provides a wide range of business (B4B) solutions for harnessing the global digital information economy through our official domains.

Engage us when high level consulting for complex business critical solutions require a wide range of specialized services managed by a trusted vendor.

DigitalDeli.US operations and administration is managed by our US site in New York.

Core Digital Services Include

 Digital Transformation ∴ B4B

Strategies & Solutions

Strategies and Solutions for organizations wishing to harness technological advances to improve efficiency, decision making, market share, customer satisfaction and profitability.

The Digital Deli B4B has assembled powerful tools, technologies and techniques to help organizations stake their claim in the global digital information economy.

 Digital Strategy: sets the course for a clear execution path to save time and money.

 Digital Pipeline: suite of advanced technologies to turn data into results.

 Digital Solutions: framework for harnessing the digital economy to reach targets and increase bottom lines.

 Think Tank: innovation, cybersecurity, cloud, network, mobile, IoT, M2M, AI.

 Digital Deli Studios: mixed media lab producing high quality branded content.

Digital Strategies & Solutions

Digital Deli    iNet 4.0 Digital Ecosystems

Digital Economy ∴ B4B

Digital Deli Biz is a fully integrated and managed service focused on niche markets emphasizing their unique product and/or service.

The Digital Deli Pipeline hub and spoke architecture allows marketing, advertising and promotion to seamlessly integrate with advanced web services and secure e-commerce functionality.

Gen-3 Cloud™ Internet services can scale infinitely and E-Commerce Core™ is a modern Swiss Army knife for harnessing the digital economy.

With direct access to: the advanced technology infrastructure of the Digital Deli Pipeline™; media production from the Digital Deli Studios™; the rare, unique and authentic Digital Deli Archive™; and clear digital strategy consulting on future trends – Digital Deli has the talent to capture your vision and a significant arsenal of tools, technologies and techniques to place you on a world class stage.

Managed Infrastructure Services

Digital Deli    Crafting the Future

Innovation Think Tank ∴ B4C

The Digital Deli Business InnovationThink Tank™ (BITT) is the place where the logic of multiple disciplines are fused into firmware, systems, software, security, processes, methods and algorithms to put the human touch on next generation AI.

Consistent Research & Development with a firm handle on future trends for advanced technology integration has allowed the Digital Deli Business InnovationThink Tank (BITT)™ to conceptualize and design next generation Media, Technology and Communications vertically integrated for use in: education, entertainment, healthcare, smART cities of the future, smART geofenced community sensor networks, location based services (LBS) and for advertising, marketing and promotion.

Crafting the Future

Digital Deli TV

The Future of Media Now

Digital Deli TV™ publishes IP based, multimedia using Reactive Internet Multimedia technology on a global enterprise class broadcast network. Prepare yourself for UltraHD visual media so crystal clear it is like looking out a glass window.

Digital Deli Private Net™ and Secure Net™ are commercial business media content delivery and rendering services that provides seamless scheduled and on demand delivery of any media content for networked digital displays and private networks.

Multimedia Publishing Network

The Digital Deli Archive™   Visual and Spatial Solutions

Rare, Unique and Authentic

The Digital Deli Archive™ is a fully indexed, managed archive of ultra-high resolution image, video, audio, original literary works and geospatial assets captured by well seasoned operators using professional digital imaging equipment for unparalleled quality.

The records in the archive span decades, oral histories, folklore, customs and ways of life have been captured across historically rich and pristine areas of the eastern United States and Canadian Eastern Maritime – with a special focus on New York State, New England, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Bay of Fundy, Cape Breton, Appalachia, the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountain regions. Iconic imagery of legendary performers, people, world class events and festivals are all a part of the Rare, Unique and Authentic Digital Deli Archive.

Fine Art Photography, Cinema, Audio & Geospatial

  Digital Deli Fine Art Store  

  The Archivist's Corner