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Next Generation Always On Strategies


The Digital Deli media, technology and communications framework is an exotic world class mix of purpose built software, systems, servers and cloud infrastructure to provide next generation On Demand interactive engagement across all forms of media. The purpose is: capture interest, hold it and keep a user target engaged. How you do that in the Digital Age requires far more than technology and creative thinking. It is quite important to be able to apply a suite of technologies creatively and rearrange them at will effortlessly, according to demand.

We are strategy based first, at the Digital Deli – exploiting tried and true enterprise class technologies for creative solutions designed to exceed expectations. On demand engagement has gone well beyond the devices in our hands and on our desktops. Live Labels can bring the wildlife biologist, naturalist or historian on your next hike; smART Media Visual Solutions takes the digital journey inside; smARTCode™ technology encourages next generation engagement like hot coffee and free donuts.

On demand mixed media, geospatially aware assets, sensor networks, ubiquitous global communication methods, Cloud based services and the mainstream application of nanotechnology in an always–on world allows us to seamlessly move between a screen in our hands to a 12K video wall. New forms of Location based services for geo–tourism and eco–cultural heritage can revitalize discovery, as well as an economy. Brands can emerge from distant corners with a digital persona that appears as big as the titans of industry. Strategy, quality of media and how a message, brand or campaign is packaged are critical factors to winning competitive market share and keeping it.

The global president of the worlds largest advertising agency said in 2011: “no one knows where this (disruptive convergence of media, technology, communications) is going to take us” and he is right. That agency consistently delivers award winning results to this day by adhering to original, high quality content, delivered precisely at the right time. The Digital Deli is a micro–multinational according to the Economist. We tend to run best: full throttle with unbridled creativity, applying maximum brainpower to obtain fresh, innovative 21st century strategies for long range, cutting edge solutions.

Do you need a fully integrated solution from: concept, strategy, media production, delivery and management? We play B4B well with creative agencies, global brands, unique specialty businesses and Markets & Industries Served. Contact smART Window Into Your World™ to discuss your requirements.

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  On Demand Interactive Engagement

Digital Solutions

Digital Deli Pipeline

Multimedia from Digital Deli Studios™
  • Intelligent Infomercials ™
  • Promotional Videos
  • Instructional Multimedia
  • Educational Multimedia
  • Interpretive Multimedia
  • Public Awareness Advisories
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Multimedia Documentaries
  • Travel Documentaries

Advanced Technology Integration
  • Platform–as–a–Service (PaaS)
  • 24/7 e–Learning Packages
  • Augmented Reality
  • Geo–Fenced and Community Sensor Networks
  • Real Time Location Based Services
  • Near Field Communications (NFC)