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Let us say you have implemented many of the items discussed in this section and your brand is gaining record market share and all is well - then it happens. A catastrophe rarely comes announced and can land like a 500lb gorilla on your chest. When a product, service, event or destination is threatened at it's core – a rapidly executed media strategy can help save the day.

The BP Gulf disaster media response was executed swiftly and consistently. BP did not candy coat the disaster, to their credit, they just maintained a first class campaign with a clear strategy to mitigate swelling negative sentiment. The impression eventually left was: one could drink from the Gulf itself, while enjoying Cajun food on the wharf.

Damage Control and Mitigation Strategies are often complex and may involve highly specialized legal attorneys, engineers, scientists, architects, software-hardware-firmware experts, as well as many other disciplines. Someone will always need to understand what they are saying and then be able to package that information for dispersal, in just the right manner and at just the right time. A concentrated team effort is critical.

The ability to Leverage your teams expertise like the blades on a Swiss army knife can make or break a damage control and mitigation effort. A Digital Deli Damage Control & Mitigation strategy is designed to: rapidly synthesize perspective across multiple disciplines involved and translate that into an effective media mitigation response.

Has a 500lb gorilla just landed on your chest? Contact smART Window Into Your World™ to discuss a media Damage Control & Mitigation strategy.

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  Damage Control & Mitigation

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