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Digital Deli, Digital Transformation B4B
a QC Communications digital property
Oswego, New York USA

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P: 315.342.3518
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customercare [at]
   Pre-sale, post-sale, general questions

smartdestinations [at]
   smART Destinations™

livelabels [at]
   Live Labels™ enabling your world

selectproperties [at]
   Select Properties UltraHD™

nextgenstrategy [at]
   smART Window Into Your World™

smartmedia@digitaldeli [at]
   smART Media Visual Solutions™

smarthealth [at] digitaldeli.comp
   smART Health Media™

smartstartup [at]
   Exclusively for the Innovators

agencyaccess [at]
   Commercial Solutions for Creatives

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media_management [at]
   Media Licensing and Asset Management

media_relations [at]
    Public Relations and Media Contact

investor_relations [at]
    Investor Relations

infosec [at]
   CyberSecurity Services

irepx [at]
   Information Analytics

studios [at]
   Digital Creative Services Media & Web

accessibility [at]
   Accessibility Inquiries