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  Live Labels Heritage™

Live Labels Heritage™ is the 21st century way to bring your rich cultural heritage to life. Attract your visitors with the reward of self discovery.

The old tour book can stay right in the back seat when a visitor knows they can mine your precious artifacts on demand 24/7-365 with interactive engagement by visiting your Live Labels Heritage™ site, town or corridor.

Eco–Cultural Heritage tourism attracts visitors that stay longer, spend more and return more frequently than other types of tourism.

Digital Deli can help you package your history into curated content, produce that into captivating multimedia and deliver it on demand to your visitor. The distinctive Live Label reveals the treasure.

The reward of a highly polished cultural media theme sprinkled with undiscovered gems can provide infinitely recurring dividends of marvel and wonder, while providing economic benefit to host communities.

The Mission for Live Labels Heritage™:

The most valuable gems are the the undiscovered ones. They are hidden in plain sight, but typically not visible. The way you expose cultural heritage and weave a story to spark your visitors curiosity long enough has always been challenging. Problem solved. It has never been easier to monetize your history with Live Labels Heritage™. Small and large stand on the same platform ready to welcome international and domestic visitors.

Advancing Our World:

A revolutionary way to promote cultural heritage and educational exploration of the great outdoor treasures gracing our lands. The 21st century replacement for legacy signage and markers in place since the America’s were first explored.

   We invite you to explore further and  Contact Us to enable your world with Live Labels Heritage™.

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