Live Labels Heritage™

Live Labels Heritage™ is the 21st century way to bring your rich cultural heritage to life. Attract your visitors with the reward of self discovery.

The old tour book can stay right in the back seat when a visitor knows they can mine your precious artifacts on demand 24/7-365 with interactive engagement by visiting your Live Labels Heritage™ site, town or corridor.

Eco–Cultural Heritage tourism attracts visitors that stay longer, spend more and return more frequently than other types of tourism.

Digital Deli can help you package your history into curated content, produce that into captivating multimedia and deliver it on demand to your visitor. The distinctive Live Label reveals the treasure.

The reward of a highly polished cultural media theme sprinkled with undiscovered gems can provide infinitely recurring dividends of marvel and wonder, while providing economic benefit to host communities.

The Mission for Live Labels Heritage™:

The most valuable gems are the the undiscovered ones. They are hidden in plain sight, but typically not visible. The way you expose cultural heritage and weave a story to spark your visitors curiosity long enough has always been challenging. Problem solved. It has never been easier to monetize your history with Live Labels Heritage™. Small and large stand on the same platform ready to welcome international and domestic visitors.

Advancing Our World:

A revolutionary way to promote cultural heritage and educational exploration of the great outdoor treasures gracing our lands. The 21st century replacement for legacy signage and markers in place since the America’s were first explored.

   We invite you to explore further and  Contact Us to enable your world with Live Labels Heritage™.

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Live Labels™ Enabling Your World

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      Live Labels Heritage™ is the digital nervous system for your geospatial cultural heritage. Are you ready to proceed into the future? Please continue...

       As visitors to museums and galleries continue to decrease, a new opportunity exists for those seeking to expose their cultural heritage in meaningful ways to attract a new class of educated traveler in the 21st century.

       Historians can provide a wealth of information, but they are typically not storytellers, technologists or producers of media. The fast paced walking tour has evolved into self directed immersive discovery. We create, produce and deliver geospatial experiences that attract and then reward discovery with bite sized chunks of high quality on demand multimedia that educates and entertains.

       Larger cities with great cultural institutions will always be a draw, but there is something very attractive about the undiscovered gems in smaller historically rich areas. The value proposition is greater for a visitor and the host community derives an effective way to monetize their history in a sustainable manner for positive economic impact.

       Live Labels Heritage™ is a special program designed by the founders to include everything needed to begin exposing your rich assets to the world. While we won't write your history, we will craft it and script it into short themed media segments. Your historians or subject matter experts will work with like minded professionals (archivist, curator, historian).

       The Digital Deli Studios™ produces Edu–tainment Multimedia for interpretive, instructional and educational knowledge transfer. Reactive Internet Multimedia™ technology renders any type of media content perfectly on any device. Gen–3 Cloud delivers content in a reliable and secure manner.

       Live Labels Heritage™ sites are elastic. They are meant to grow and be enhanced as needed. Pick a new spot, curate the content, collaborate, have it produced, deploy your new geospatially aware Live Label, contact network control to activate it, done.

       The Digital Deli has a large suite of tools, technologies and talents to help kick start your project. Depending on your needs we might suggest innovative programs to effectively enhance your project, so you can keep scope and cost under control. Far from a one off marketing program, think of it as an investment in the future, with infinitely recurring dividends.

       Everyone enjoys the reward of instant knowledge presented in a fun and educational manner from a trusted source, that promotes understanding and appreciation for the unique customs, history and ways of life that shaped your site, town or heritage corridor. Visitors can transform themselves into subject matter experts, further instilling a sense of pride, where everyone benefits.

       The Live Labels Heritage™ reward continues at the next stop, with instruction to put their device down and proceed ahead with confidence, so they can learn more. Knowledge is a wonderful tool to inspire and motivate.

       You might think of Live Labels Heritage™ as a gift for the next generation to discover. Extensible by design and built with the future in mind.

       The Smithsonian Institute tells us the media content we produce today will be readily decodable a thousand years from now. It is always important to keep the highest standards of quality in mind, both aesthetic and technological, to ensure robust longevity. Make your mark and make it well – you may be surprised how long it will be in circulation.

       A key design consideration came from a historian, conservator and politician who looks after his constituents with great care. He said “we have no problem when they arrive, we just need to get them here”. Live Labels Heritage™ brings them to your site, where they may redeem their reward with a tasty morsel that invites them to explore more.

       Expand your digital footprint seamlessly when you are ready. Comprehensive solutions, like visitor or tourism centers, with smART Destinations can integrate digital portals, and large format ultraHD 4K multimedia display(s). Never leave your visitor wondering what to do and make sure they get a reward when they visit.

       National marketing efforts to draw international and domestic tourism will be naturally attracted to the digital strategies associated with Live Labels and smART Destinations. Consider it free marketing from host countries that can be harnessed for long term economic benefit. Helps level the playing field and eliminate the barrier to entry.

       International and domestic tourism marketers seeking to entice visitors to host destinations with immersive geospatial and eco–cultural heritage experiences will find Live Labels Geo™ corridor sites a natural attraction for both visitor and marketer. The lure of self guided discovery and the opportunity to earn subject matter expertise credentials presents a unique value proposition, with the potential for infinitely recurring visitor revenue.

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