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Digital Creative teams, have you ever felt that little genie bottle is no longer producing those endless ground breaking ideas that makes your heart flutter? Feel like you should retreat to the woods for revitalization of your creative juices? Perhaps you should.

The Digital Deli understands digital creatives and the dilemma that can come from constantly being creative. When seeking new ideas for your next marketing, advertising or promotional campaign, the crossroads of the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor and Great Lakes Seaway Trail offers a perfect setting in northern New York on Lake Ontario. With first class business accommodations and a conference center within driving distance from New York City, Boston and Toronto - your team can enjoy the world's 2nd best sunset from the waters edge to recharge, while leaving the bustling city behind to let the creative process unfold.

A Digital Deli ∴ B4B Creative Strategy Summit offers a unique opportunity for diverse teams to come together to launch new strategies for marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns, while learning how new forms of media, technology and communications may be applied to build a strong Digital Persona with a high credibility factor.

Creative boundaries for over the top media and cutting edge technology can be contextually evaluated on the spot. Future trends can be explored with a high degree of probability to answer: “can this be done, should it be done and when should it be done?”.

Every business is unique, even if a product, service, event or destination shares common attributes. Sometimes the stories that set a brand apart are hidden in the corners. Scientists, technologists and engineers will often tell passionate stories - yet few understand the point of their fascination.

Extracting the nectar from diverse disciplines that make up a brand into a finely crafted media, technology and communications strategy can allow the Story of the Brand or Campaign to unfold seamlessly into a future Digital Persona with reliable and consistent results.

When Ford introduced the aluminum F-150, GM countered with strong steel. Impression: shiny vs. rust (for us on the US east coast). GM's counter ad fell flat on it's face and detracted from the brands overall image. The GM facts may have been correct, but the impression, in the long run, was not. Ford was left looking: new, shiny and glorious – while GM was left looking a bit confused momentarily. GM eventually submitted, following their competitor, after the fact, capitalizing on their own diverse attributes. Titans like this duking it out on a ~$4M per minute stage will keep a lot of digital creatives with sharp pencils busy for a long time.

Digital Creative Strategy Summits can be anywhere in the world. The preferred location on the east coast of the United States is: Oswego, New York. Excellent alternates are: Lake Placid, New York and Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. These locations provide: suitable business accommodations, a good environment for creative strategy pursuits and a pristine natural setting to recharge.

Do you want a 21st century media, technology and communications strategy capable of competing with the titans of industry for your next campaign? Contact smART Window Into Your World™ to discuss your Digital Creative Strategy Summit requirements.

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  Creative Digital Strategy Summit

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