smART Media Visual Solutions™

Commercial visual & spatial media display solutions that come to life with Digital Deli smART Code™ technology to quench your audience's thirst for more information, seamlessly and on demand.

Your imagination is the only limit, with no compromise, for those who seek the very best.

  Intelligent Media Solutions  IoT, M2M, AI
Interior Fine Art
smART Interior Fine Art™

Digital Deli Archive + Curator + smART Code technology = Intelligent Media for visual and spatial themes that seamlessly flow from one space into another for custom interior displays and artistic creations.

Advertising & Marketing Media
smART Advertising/Marketing Media™

Premium commercial cleared media customized for regional or global staged rollout with advanced digital services and managed content scheduling for extended interactive engagement.

Event & Exhibit Media
smART Event/Exhibit Media™

High quality commercial cleared media customized for events: 1-13 days and exhibits 14+ days, with flexible content scheduling for extended interactive engagement.

Art for Public Spaces
smART Media for Public Spaces™

Convey a brilliant sense of place for your Smart City with ultraHD interpretive, instructional and artistic displays: UV resistant, scratchproof, waterproof. A Digital Deli smART Code Array provides one touch public service programming.

smART Media Visual Solutions™

Intelligent Media  IoT, M2M, AI


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       The Digital Deli Archive™ can provision beautiful visual and spatial media themes to meet any requirement.

      Designs may be produced on almost any surface imaginable and at virtually any size to meet exact design requirements.

      smART Code™ technology provides end–to–end extended interactive engagement with a tap, click, voice command or blink of the eye.

      Digital Deli Studios™ can create, produce and deliver virtually any type of extended multimedia content.

      Reactive Internet Multimedia and Gen-3 Cloud™ permit extended content to play on a user device.

      No technical configuration to worry about. A turnkey solution to enable your world with interactive engagement delivered to your audience fingertips on demand, with impeccable quality.

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smART Media Visual Solutions™

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