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It is said the U.S. Silver Certificate was created so everyone across the vast stretches of America could experience breathtaking detail and appreciate great artwork. When it comes to media for public spaces we like to think of the silver certificate.

Captivate your visitor first with an impression that says: "hello, I am beautiful and glamorous and have spent significant effort to attract your attention". Think of smART Media for Public Spaces™ as a nice bright welcome beacon that reflects the proud spirt of community.

The embedded smART Code™ is like an invitation to ring your doorbell for social interaction with your unique local culture, history and geospatial features. Digital Deli Studios™ produces multimedia that plays on any device using Reactive Internet Multimedia™ delivered from Gen-3 Cloud™ for a complete on demand interactive solution.

We can collaborate and consult on selecting artwork, media production and the right polished finish. When selecting Art for Public Spaces it is always the media theme first and then the message.

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smART Media for Public Spaces™

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  Your Project, Concept or Vision

Art for Public Spaces projects can enjoy a wider range of curated content options from the Digital Deli Archive™. Since this is Art first and foremost, any typography proposed must be short and inspirational, enlightening or instructional in some creative manner that benefits the general public. The Creators of the Archive specified the finest art should be widely available for Public Spaces – kind of like the Silver Certificate.

Tell us about your project, concept or vision. Describe the: mood, visual theme or overall effect desired; scale and scope of overall project; central point(s) of focus; typography, iconology, graphics; indoor, outdoor, harsh environment; reflective, translucent, backlit; digital image capture needs; vision for on demand interactive engagement.

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  Engage Us – We Are Creative

We have the talent to capture your vision and a significant arsenal of technologies, tools and techniques that can place you on a world class stage. We invite you to Contact Us to discuss your media for public spaces requirements.

smART Media for Public Spaces

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