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Why not ‘set yourself apart’ with an over-the-top experience better than anyone else. Hospitality Destinations and Exclusive Properties enjoy a wide range of custom technology, media and communications services to precisely express the level of wow factor needed to impress your customer.

There are no design limits, no wires, no infrastructure and no complexity – just a complete turnkey solution that works using the world class Digital Deli Pipeline.

Destination Hospitality

Once you have created an extraordinary hospitality experience for your guests, why not seamlessly extend that into your own digital ecosystem. A destination may brand their external website presence to bring their visitor in, while onsite public facing digital portals provide 24/7-365 self service comfort, guidance and up to date information.

Digital Deli Menus™ offer restaurants a mouth watering way to introduce gastronomical delights of any type. A sizzling steak special or delicious Creme Brulee getting a crispy melted top is an effective way for the eyes and ears to reach the stomach rapidly.

Exclusive High End Properties

A luxurious private digital portal for exclusive high end property accessed by a Digital Deli smARTCode embedded into a business card sized token with custom designed graphics. Your digital gem ecosystem inside of Gen-3 Cloud™ transmits your custom Reactive Internet Multimedia for an eye popping mobile-to-4K presentation. When your token holder beams to a large ultraHD display the color, vibrance and detail are breathtaking. It is the ultimate for conveying a sense of place for the extraordinary.

Onsite private digital portals provide 24/7-365 self service comfort, guidance and up to date information. All critical aspects for safe enjoyment of the property at your visitors fingertips. Geospatial data, including downloadable trips and a full assortment of curated content make the interaction educational, entertaining, fun and safe. A private onsite secure digital beacon into your exclusive high end property.

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