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smART Health Patient Media™

The way healthcare professionals present information to a patient builds more than a sense of trust. It directly impacts patient outcome. As the digital age unfolds in the 21st century, doctors and healthcare professionals are in a unique position to custom curate digital healthcare content for a patient, just as they would an individualized healthcare plan.

  • Before Procedure Overview / Explanation.
  • After Procedure Guidance / Instruction.
  • Enhanced Patient Comprehension of Healthcare Treatment Plan.
  • Convey a Superior Level of Excellence to Patients.
  • Instill a Sense of Warmth, Comfort and Trust.
  • Relieve Demands on Doctor Time / Improve Patient Wellness.

Highly polished digital healthcare patient multimedia is the most effective way to communicate, while saving time, money and promoting patient well being.

Neuroscientists tell us the brain is capable of processing written, visual and auditory media at levels previously thought impossible. Exploiting the positive benefit of highly optimized and targeted media is the primary mission for the smART Health Media™ family of products.

Knowledge Building Partners

The Digital Deli smART Health Patient Media™ is a Cloud based media service for secure on demand delivery of healthcare patient media by a practitioner.

Partners desired are those who are at the top of their field, personable, express themselves well and able to select real world patients to participate. The knowledge conveyed for the patient media must be widely applicable (developed nations), accepted in the broad medical community and represent the highest current or emerging medical standards for patient treatment care. The principal practitioner, group or institution should be considered experts in their field and have a distinct need to use the smART Health Patient Media™ within the practice or medical complex.

Partners selected for this program enjoy many benefits including: shared development costs; reduced partner only licensing discounts; international exposure; residual royalty fees. Partners employing the smART Health Media™ family of products will receive access to future technology before nonpartner organizations. A world class media production and global distribution network has been provisioned. Inquiries by qualified healthcare professionals may be sent to: smarthealth [at]

  smART Health AI™

Cognitive therapeutic healthcare from the Digital Deli Business Innovation ∴ Think Tank™ is advancing smART Health Patient Media™ so it may be prescribed and fulfilled, just as medication would be from a pharmacy.

In the digital age, we might consider this akin to the warm touch of a home visit. The Digital Deli calls this combination of media, technology and communications – a smART Health Patient Digital House Call™.

smART Health AI™ embraces the human element of patient, provider and resident using a well defined framework offering order of magnitude potential for dynamically augmenting human performance in a healthcare ecosystem.

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