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  •   Examples To Kick Start Your Project
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  •   Major Event / Multiple Venues  

    Two week long event, dozens of buildings, multiple exhibits, competitions, show schedules with 30-60K visitors per day. Building venue and schedule of events involve complex logistics that is subject to change.

    Solution: communicate daily host building information to the general public in real time using Live Labels Anywhere™, Reactive Internet Multimedia™ and Gen–3 Cloud™.

    Objective: streamline crowd flow, relieve busy staff from answering repetitive venue schedule questions, provide a better user experience and increase building attendance. Each building or event area provides real time on demand venue information to visitors from their fingertips using Live Labels Anywhere™.

    Eco friendly solution saves millions of pages of legacy printing that ultimately get thrown out or litter the grounds.

  •   International Air & Space Show  

    Six day event: 150,000 professionals with delegations from 90 countries and 200,000 general public visitors. Event and air field demonstration schedules change daily. Adjustments in schedules need to be communicated to trade, professional visitors and the general public – in real time from the device in their hands.

    Solution: communicate daily host building information to the general public in real time using Live Labels Anywhere™; Reactive Internet Multimedia™; Gen–3 Cloud™; Digital Deli Studios™ for artistically crafted smART Codes; dual near field communications programming; Digital Deli Private Net™ 24/7 service.

    High profile event needs to communicate event details and schedule changes in a professional manner that can be accessed by all visitors for real time updates.

    Artistically crafted and programmed Live Labels (aerospace themed) are instantly recognizable as the modern official event information source – tap, scan and go.

    Event staff tend to guests, not schedules for better workforce utilizations. Crowd flow is streamlined eliminating the surge at flight demonstrations. Visitor experience excels.

    Eco friendly solution saves millions of pages of legacy printing on paper that ultimately gets thrown out.

    Modern, sleek, impressive, 21st century solution, sure to please your visitor.

  •   Digital Menus  
  •   British Rock Band USA Tour  

    British rock band USA tour seeking innovative marketing to draw audiences to performances and keep them on radar after the tour.

    Interactive Engagement: multimedia touch display and content creation to introduce unique products and services to customers. Need media, design and technical service to take this from concept to finished. Time frame: completed by August.

Extended Interactive Engagement (M2M)
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