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Your event or exhibit is coming up. You want everything perfect for an over-the-top presentation that will communicate your message with eloquence and clarity. What if you could start with a completely clean slate and create anything you wanted. What if that was faster, easier, more impressive and cost effective than anything you had done before.

Some venues may rely solely on the artistic nature of the stunning imagery to establish a powerful visual presence. Some may require branding, an interpretive message or on demand interactive media to depict more complex information. A mix of all three can provide a highly polished and powerful impact.

The rare, unique and authentic Digital Deli Archive™ sets you apart from the rest with commercial cleared premium media and artwork you won't find anywhere else.

Digital Deli Studios™ transforms concepts into custom creative works that are sure to impress your visitor. Simply pay for what you need and how long you need it. Enhance your event or exhibit with professional ultra high quality content.

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smART Event/Exhibit Media™

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T–Zero | start with:
  Your Project, Concept or Vision

Tell us about your project, concept or vision. Describe the: mood, visual theme or overall effect desired; Scale and scope of overall project; central point(s) of focus; typography, iconology, graphics; vision for: on demand interactive engagement; networked digital display and projection media; custom digital portal design and content creation.

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Step 1  |  begin with:
  Examples To Kick Start Your Project
  •   Major Event / Multiple Venues  

    Two week event end of August. Three cultural buildings need visual and spatial transformation: early American ways of life; Native American culture; contemporary Arts & Culture.

    Two buildings need large format imagery custom produced (hanging ceiling to floor); one location needs a special custom wall mural from the archive. Custom 4'W x 6'H outdoor displays (40) promoting each cultural building (3) for use across entire fairground (120).

    We like the outdoor translucent LED backlit displays at each entrance (4) for each building (3) with smART Codes, to draw visitors inside – featuring a short ~2m multimedia produced by Digital Deli Studios for each venue, with Gen-3 Cloud delivery.

    Need collaboration and consulting start to finish. Time Frame: completed by August 15th.

  •   Diverse Museum of Art & Americana  

    We would like to collaborate for our year long special event commemorating our founder and one of the finest, most diverse and unconventional museums of art and Americana. We need to draw more visitors and let them know about the unique collection of rare artifacts.

    Let us proceed with the Strategy outlined to develop the programs to implement the campaign. Interested in the “Eco-Cultural Heritage Partner Program” to help us further monetize the rare jewels in our possession.

    We love the smART Code onsite reward for self discovery concept! Getting one of the Masters of Light and sound here to capture the magic would be awesome and right in line with the founders way of thinking. Perhaps we could consider a “Capturing the Magic” educational program for each season. Time Frame: now until end of year.

  •   Jazz Festival  

    The Jazz Festival will celebrate the legends who have graced our stage. The Digital Deli Archive™ contains some of the rarest imagery we have seen. We'd love to go back further into the analog archive for Miles, if time permits.

    The large format outdoor art collection (legends) is a great idea to draw people toward the crafts during intermission. Will you select the media from the archive and consult on final design.

    The waterproof LED lightboxes with translucent smART Code media to welcome visitors with venue details (schedule, etc) using the Reactive Internet Multimedia and Gen-3 Cloud is a perfect solution - ready to proceed, see attached for venue details.

    Next year – let's add the curated projection media, fine art screens and the interactive digital portals.

  • Step 2  |  Digital Deli Archive™
      The Visual & Spatial Theme  

    The Digital Deli Archive™ contains beautiful professional fine art display solutions in a fully indexed media library. Once the scope of your project is defined, concepts for display solutions quickly become reality, as advanced keyword hierarchy metadata is queried and provisioned, in private online multimedia galleries, keeping everyone in tune with the project. Your fastest pathway to an over the top creative artistic display solution will be through the Curator at the Digital Deli Archive™.

  • Step 3  |  Digital Deli Studios™
      Mixed Media Lab

    Digital Deli Studios™ provides professional media production for all Digital Deli properties, brands and commercial media services. With direct access to raw image sensor capture data from the Digital Deli Archive™, digital negatives are produced with color and resolution prescriptions matching exact requirements. No more awful casts or fuzzy rezzed up media, just breathtaking hyper–realistic consistent results across all display mediums (photographic, digital display, projection).

    Leave your worries behind with eye popping, color matched, artistic displays and visual themes – custom made to exact size and on any substrate. Experience unparalleled quality and a wow factor that will knock your audience over with breathtaking detail, vibrance and clarity.

    All aspects of customization (size, substrate, finish, illustration, typography, graphics) are managed under one roof. No more guessing or hoping, just your exact specification, exactly the way you want.

  • Step 4  |  Print Direct Worldwide™
      Print & Finish Options  

    Once you have selected stunning photographic fine art displays for your interior design theme, it is time to set it off with an equally impressive presentation. Printed media may be produced on a wide variety of reflective and backlit photographic papers, fine art papers, fabric, canvas, latex, wallpaper, aluminum, glass, wood and carpet. Visual and spatial fine art displays may be produced virtually any size to meet exacting specifications.

    The Digital Deli’s Print Direct Worldwide Service can supply any type of finished interior display solution to meet design requirements – printed on demand and fulfilled anywhere in the world.

      Please visit Print Direct Worldwide to learn more.

  • Step 5  |  Extended Content (M2M)
      On Demand Interactive Engagement  

    Digital Deli’s Next Generation On Demand Interactive Engagement places interactive content at your visitor’s fingertips from their Smartphone or Internet connected device. This is the smART way to cater to your visitor’s craving for more information. Beautiful artistic works from the Digital Deli Archive™ utilizing smART Code™ technology create impressive, interactive and highly persuasive engagements. Captivate your audience with an over-the-top first impression.

    Step into the Future of Media Now with Visual & Spatial Solutions that come to life in an irresistable manner to quench your audiences thirst for more information. Next generation IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine) communications can now be embedded into your custom displays for seamless on demand interactive engagement.

    A beautifully crafted art display transmits a building directory; an on demand virtual wildlife biologist explains an exhibit display; the model for a brand invites Interaction on demand for instant reward; Public Displays become digital portals with up to date pertinent information that may change daily, weekly or however you need.

  • Step 6  |  Enabling Your World
      Digital Deli smART Code™  
    Digital Deli smART Code

    smART Codes™ provide end–to–end extended interactive engagement, machine–to–machine (M2M), with no technical configuration for you to worry about. Your visitor accesses the embedded smART Code and your message renders (plays) on their Internet connected device. Digital Deli Studios™ can create, produce and deliver virtually any type of extended content.

    smART Codes™ are a BITT Pipeline Certified end–to–end solution from the Digital Deli Business Innovation Think Tank (BITT). smART Codes™ require no power, can retain data for 200 years, handle 1 million erase / write operations and employ 128bit AES authentication. A fully integrated commercial Digital Media Solution for any organization wishing to leverage 21st century technology.

  • Making It All Work  |  Digital Deli Pipeline™
      Advanced Technology Integration  

    Digital Deli Global Media and Communications is an enterprise class multimedia infrastructure with many spokes attached to it’s core. Print Direct Worldwide™ delivers professional industrial scale fulfillment 24/7 so you can rest easy for your global rollout, ad campaign, event, exhibit, interior design or public art display.

    smART Code™ technology enables multimode communications that rewards with interactive engagement for knowledge transfer using the Digital Deli's ICTS (information, communications, technology, security) pure digital pipeline. Digital Deli Reactive Internet Multimedia technology renders (plays) virtually any type of content, on any device, at any commercially available resolution and color space.

    The Digital Deli Cloud leverages massively large computer pods to provide load balancing, redundancy and global elasticity. Security is paramount and the Internet is a series of tollbooths we have learned to navigate. Providing a complete end to end solution: curated content, finished media, transcoding, elastic cloud instances, reserve capacity, global edge connectivity, near field communication programming, Reactive Internet Multimedia rendering engine technology – removes complexity and lets you focus on business requirements.

  • An Over–The–Top Experience
      Digital Deli Fine Art Screens  

    We are in the Digital Age and of course you may want to embellish your visual and spatial theme with an over–the–top experience. Waiting rooms, lobbies, cafeterias, time out meditation rooms can be transformed to extend your chosen theme and suit your chosen mood.

      Digital Deli TV provides subscription access to curated content libraries from the Digital Deli Archive. Digital Deli’s Global Media and Communications operation delivers UltraHD smART Media content to networked digital multimedia displays, digital cinema and large venue projection systems.

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