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Personnel come and go, procedures are constantly updated, new regulations never end. The drain on healthcare operations and staff time can be enormous. The cost of not properly training personnel can be tragic. Managing the fine balance has always been a monumental challenge.

Healthcare Media for Facility Operations

smART Health Provider Media™ is a next generation solution for Knowledge Transfer to healthcare operations staff. The smART Health Media Network™ is capable of creating, producing and delivering content for display on: desktop, mobile, tablet, large format display and projection.

Knowledge Building Partners

Candidates for the smART Health Provider Media™ Partner Program are facilities of sufficient size and diversity that have effective QA, Compliance and In-Service Training programs that can be enhanced and repackaged to capture the benefits of the digital age.

Partners selected for this program enjoy many benefits including: shared development costs; reduced partner only licensing discounts; international exposure; residual royalty fees. Partners employing the smART Health Media™ family of products will receive access to future technology before nonpartner organizations. A world class media production and global distribution network has been provisioned. Inquiries by qualified healthcare professionals may be sent to: smarthealth [at]

  smART Health AI™

The Digital Deli Business Innovation ∴ Think Tank™ is advancing smART Health Media™ for the digital age.

smART Health AI™ embraces the human element of patient, provider and resident using a well defined framework offering order of magnitude potential for dynamically augmenting human performance in a healthcare ecosystem.

Researchers, medical institutions, knowledge based institutions, philanthropic organizations, NGO's, angels and B-Corp friendly investors with interest in advancing the emerging world of cognitive healthcare therapeutic media are cordially invited to  Contact Us.

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