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Digital Transformation
B4B Strategies & Solutions

The Digital Deli B4B has assembled powerful tools, technologies and techniques to help stake your claim in the global digital information economy.

Digital Transformation is a process of adapting to technological advances to improve efficiency, decision making, market share, customer satisfaction and profitability.

We are digital creatives, systematic thinkers and technologists who design, develop and deploy 21st century solutions to advance our world.

Are You ready to transform your world?

 Digital Strategy: sets the course for a clear execution path to save time and money.

 Digital Pipeline: suite of advanced technologies to turn data into results.

 Digital Solutions: framework for harnessing the digital economy to reach targets and increase bottom lines.

  Digital Deli Studios: mixed media lab for producing high quality media content.

  Digital Deli RED: cyber intelligence to protect intellectual property, brands and reputation.

  Think Tank: advanced technology integration research & development.

smART City Destinations™
Tourism   Destination Solutions

Learn about our travel tourism solutions

The race is on! Global travel tourism markets are competing fiercely to prove they have what it takes to entice visitors. A comprehensive media, technology and communications framework that encapsulates the visitor lifecycle [before, onsite, after] with 21st century solutions designed to attract visitors, exceed onsite expectations and reward extended self discovery for greater economic benefit. Learn more at smART City Destinations™

Geospatial Gateway Corridors
Tourism   Your Scenic Byway

Learn about our digital framework for creating a geospatial gateway to power visitor attraction

A digital framework for creating a geospatial gateway into your world. Think of it like your own scenic byway. Advances in technology allow digital tourism ecosystems, of any size, to form and grow. Media, technology and communications expose rich assets. On demand interactive engagement, self discovery and lifelong learning are powering 21st century tourism visitor attraction. Create a Geospatial Gateway to power your world. Learn more.

Select Properties UltraHD™
Hospitality   Premium Impressions

Learn how we can help enhance your visitor experience

The essence of hospitality is to attract your visitor with the amenities you offer. First you must woo them to your extraordinary destination. Upon arrival, greet them with a warm invitation from your Digital Hospitality Portal, offering guidance 24/7-365, enhancing your visitor experience. Custom crafted mobile to 4K display presentations look like works of art. Delivered globally using Gen-3 Cloud™. Learn more at Select Properties UltraHD™

smART Media Visual Solutions™
Intelligent Media  IoT, M2M, AI

We combine media, communications and technology to bring your story to life

Complete custom end to end commercial visual & spatial media display solutions that come to life using embedded IoT and M2M technologies, to quench your audiences thirst for more information, seamlessly and on demand. The Future of Media Now is within your reach and your imagination is the only limit – with no compromise for those who seek the very best. Learn more at smART Media Visual Solutions™

smART Health Media™
Healthcare   Cognitive Therapeutic Media

Transforming how media is used in a healthcare setting

smART Health Media™ is a long range program designed to transform the way media is used in a 21st century healthcare setting. Patient, provider and worker are represented in a dynamic framework to augment human performance. Evidence based research, advances in cognitive neuroscience, accelerated learning and just in time knowledge transfer hold the promise of meeting increased demand and delivering superior service. Learn more about programs available and ongoing R&D.

Live Labels ∴ M2M ™
Enabling Your World

Transformative multimode smART technology

The smART way to provide wireless, reactive, geospatially aware site, object or event location based services (LBS), without any technical configuration to worry about. A transformative multimode smART technology [visual, geospatial, data] for signs, markers and labels in the 21st century. Summon a wildlife biologist, historian or naturalist for instant reward 24/7-365. Always On, 200 year MTBF, no onboard power requirement, human and machine readable, harsh environment ready. Learn more at Live Labels ∴ M2M™

smART Startup™
exclusively for High Tech Innovators

Well crafted digital personas

When you hand craft a product with pride, whether by hand or in silicon, it can be challenging to construct an image or persona that can lead the company vision, both internally and in the public eye. A well crafted digital persona can be imprinted for generations on ever changing marketing. Great products and services sometimes require a special synergy for smoke to form. A specialized service, not for everyone, just those who have worked tirelessly to achieve new levels of excellence. Learn more at smART Startup™

Agency Access ⇛ Commercial Media
Commercial Cleared / Rights Ready

All your content needs from one place

Creative Agency Partners: Advertising Agencies, Architects, Interior Designers, Fashion Designers, Visual Set Designers, Digital Creatives. Enjoy special access to the Digital Deli Archive™, a rare, unique and authentic Media Content Library. Professional creative services include: Content Curator Service, Gen–3 Cloud™ Content Delivery, Media Lab Direct, Print Direct Worldwide™ and Media Rights Consolidation. Learn more at Agency Access

smART Window Into Your World™
Digital Strategy Consulting
Link to smART Window Into Your World

Today, as the worlds of Media, Technology and Communications converge a new canvas has emerged. Leveraging that Convergence to paint a vivid 21st century impression requires the mastery of many different skill sets. When combined with unbridled Creativity it is possible to create the type of magic once reserved exclusively for top global brands. Learn more at smART Window Into Your World™

  Micro Edu–tainment Multimedia
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Next Generation Always On Strategies


Geo-Tourism | Eco-Cultural Heritage: a child asks her mother a question. The mom's response is as educational as it is entertaining.

  Mixed Media Digital Lab
  • Multimedia Design & Development
  • Media Production Management
  • Digital Mastering & Transcoding
  • Professional Image Capture
  • Raw Image Sensor Rendering
  • Advanced Codec Configuration
  • Reactive Internet Multimedia Design

  Think of the Digital Deli Cloud™ as a power plant where your vision is transmitted for consumption securely to any device. Just add content, mix and you are ready to go. A pure silicon solution with no moving parts on a 40Gbps backbone with IPv4 & IPv6. High level TLS, always on encryption and authentication @ Gen–3 Cloud™.

  A Pure Digital Pipeline
  • Digital Deli Studios™
  • Reactive Internet Multimedia
  • Digital Deli TV™ | Publishing
  • Gen-3 Cloud™ | CDN
  • Print Direct Worldwide™
  • Digital Deli Archive™ | Media
  • Business Innovation ∴ Think Tank (BITT)

Consistent Research & Development with a firm handle on future trends for advanced technology integration has allowed the Digital Deli Business InnovationThink Tank (BITT)™ to conceptualize and design next generation Media, Technology and Communications solutions, vertically integrated for use in: education; entertainment; healthcare; travel tourism; smart cities of the future; IoT, M2M, AI sensor networks; location based services (LBS); advertising, marketing and promotion.

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